Our Landscape Plan For Success

Having a landscape plan from the very beginning is crucial to success. The idea is to have a schedule and budget in great detail to guide every stage of the work. We work with you from the first discussion, through every stage of the landscape design and production. And you'll chat with us after completion of the project. Here are the steps:


Your landscape plan for success starts with our relationship with you. We will sit with you, listen to you and note down your needs, design ideas and budget requirements. We will advise on designs and materials that can help you attain your goals. Perhaps we will also be able to suggest design elements you'll love that you may not have even thought of. Also we can alert you to factors that can impact what you can do, such as council regulations, safety issues, etc.

3D Design

Once we have a good idea of what you're looking for, we will take it back to the design lab. Here we use software to create 3D models of designs for your landscape. You can do realistic 'walk throughs' of the models with us by your side. We can discuss and adjust the elements, features, materials and foundations. Then when it's looking like a good preliminary design we get onto the budget.

Plan to hit under Budget

Next we work with you to match up your budget with the elements of your landscape plan. You can choose materials and features that you want and discuss their costs as we itemize every component. We'll tweak and offer suggestions until the plan fits your budget without compromising on your idea or quality of work. We plan to stay within budget, as your satisfaction is very important to us. We want you to feel you are receiving value for money, without distressing blowouts!

Review & Refine

For a while during these early stages, there will be quite a bit of back and forth between you and us as the landscape plan settles in your mind. You may think of questions. Or even come up with new ideas and want to fit them in. We will be making tweaks to the 3D design and budget list for you, to keep within the terms of the plan.

Time Schedule

Following this process of communication and tweaking, we can develop a timetable. It's very important to have a clear and sensible schedule for all the tradespeople to come through and do their parts of the job. We aim for NO DEVIATIONS to the time schedule, and will do what we can, weather permitting, to stick to it. (Sydney can turn on some heavy rain which prevents work outdoors. And in summer some days are too hot to work. These conditions are not just unsafe for workers, but can affect materials and the quality of the job.)


As a company we don't want your timeline or budget to blow out the way it can with some service providers. We want the project to stay on track with the landscape plan. Thus we put a lot of effort into establishing the budget and timeline with you, getting them right and sticking to them. It might take a bit more time, perhaps a couple of weeks. However then we have a solid plan to work to before we start, and we are all on the same page. Thus you'll have a good idea of your investment in time and money. The main factor we have to allow for is weather, which can delay outdoor work. However we will consistently strive to do our best no matter what crops up. We're here for you from start to finish, and beyond!